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The Propane Tank Installation Roadmap
The Propane Tank Installation Roadmap
1. Choosing the Right Tank
The first step in your propane tank installation process is understanding the use for the propane tanks and how much propane you might use. Once we’ve discussed this, a member of our team will move on to the next step.
2. Propane Tank Site Selection
The first thing to consider when installing a tank is where it will go. There are multiple factor we need to consider like existing property lines, buildings, and should be easily accessible for our drivers to deliver propane when you need it. In addition, will your tank be above ground or below? Once we’ve identified all of the details for your future tank’s home, it’s time for the next step.
3. Propane Tank Delivery and Installation
We’ll schedule a date to deliver and install your propane tank. This may include digging the settling space for the tank if it is below ground. This is when we will connect the lines to your home to allow for the propane to begin powering your home.
4. Safety Testing
Before it’s time to fully make the transition, our team will run a full system test to make sure there aren’t any leaks or other issues.
5. Filling the Tank and System Startup
The last step is to turn on your propane system! Once this happens, your home will be powered by MAZ Propane!

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MAZ Propane provides system tests and installs the latest technology to monitor your system.

If you smell propane, leave the home and call 911 or (610) 903-2100 immediately.
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