Maz Propane

Emergency Support

If you suspect a gas leak, dial 911 immediately.
Suspect a Gas Leak?

There are important steps that can be taken to ensure safety.

1. Stop all flames and do not spark anything!
Any candles, lights, appliances, should all be turned off immediately and remain off while the issue is being navigated. Any small sparks can trigger and explosion or fire to your home. Do NOT turn light switches on or off.

2. Leave your home or workplace immediately!
Get all living beings out of the building, home, or structure where you are concerned that there is a gas leak.

3. If you can, shut off the gas at the tank.
If you can, turn off the main gas supply at the tank. The valve on the propane tank turns clockwise (right) to close.

4. Report the leak.
Once you are away from your home, call our emergency support line (610) 903-2100 to report the gas leak. If we do not answer, dial 911 immediately.

5. Do not return to the home until advised.
Until we, an emergency service provider, or qualified professional can confirm safety to return, make sure you are away from your home, office or building.

6. Have your system checked.
Never turn the gas back on yourself. Once it is safe to return to your home before you start to use any of your propane-based appliances (potentially including HVAC system, Water Heater, Kitchen appliances) have MAZ Propane run a full test on your system to ensure that it is leak free.

How Do I Know that There is Potentially a Leak?
MAZ Propane will deliver a pamphlet once per year at minimum that has the standard propane scratch and sniff. Have your family, office, or workplace prepared by advising them what this smell is, and what it means for your safety.
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Lighting Pilot Lights
If you notice your pilot repeatedly going out, there may be an issue with your system. DO NOT try to repair yourself. Have a qualified technician review immediately.


We highly recommend only professionals light any pilot that has gone out.
Carbon Monoxide Can Cause Serious Injury or Death
Understanding the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning can save lives.

Common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include:
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Nausea
  • Overall Fatigue
If you suspect Carbon Monoxide Poisoning may be happening, dial 911 immediately.
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