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Propane (LP) is an energy source that can help power appliances, heat your water, heat your home, and more. It can be more cost effective than other power sources, is more eco-friendly, and is easy to use! Propane is a great solution for most homeowners or businesses. Have questions? Reach out and we can help you begin your propane journey.
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Already have propane and looking to switch providers? We can help.

Auto Delivery

MAZ Propane will set up a schedule where we will periodically deliver propane to your home or business.

Will Call

When you need propane, MAZ Propane delivers. You call us and place an order or order online.

Tank Monitor

We can install tank monitoring technology to know when your propane tank hits 25%. Once it does, we will put you on the schedule for a delivery.

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Learn About The Benefits For Your Business
Learn About The Benefits For Your Home or Business
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