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Green Up Your Heating with Propane: Clean, Efficient, and American-Made

There are a lot of different ways to heat your home, however, not all heating systems are created equal, especially when it comes to being environmentally friendly. While electricity, heating oil, and natural gas are all commonly used to heat homes and commercial buildings all over the country, if you care about your carbon footprint and being green, there’s no better fuel choice than propane. 

While each of these options has their advantages and disadvantages, none of them comes close to matching the low emissions and efficiency of propane. So why is propane the greenest energy choice to heat your home?

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Propane is More Efficient Than Electricity and Natural Gas

One of the biggest reasons that propane is such a green heating choice is that it is much more efficient than electric and natural gas heating. Propane is incredibly energy-dense, meaning that when compared to an equivalent amount of electricity and natural gas, propane will deliver much more energy and, therefore, heat. 

For example, if you had two houses that are exactly the same in every way except for the fact that one is heated with electricity and the other is heated with propane, the propane-heated house would produce about 30% less carbon emissions than the electricity-heated house.

This efficiency can also translate into cost savings, as even though doubters might point out that both the prices of electricity and natural gas are lower than the price of propane, you will end up using much less of it to get the same results. This allows you to save tons of money in the long run. Not to mention the fact that because it is kept in a propane tank at your home, you can choose to buy it when demand and prices are low and store it for later use.    

Propane is Environmentally Friendly and Clean

Propane is also much cleaner than other energy sources. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t dissolve in water, meaning that it is unable to contaminate nearby bodies of water.  Because it is a gas, it is also unable to spill, pool, or leave any sort of residue or stains, unlike other fuels like heating oil, and it produces significantly fewer hydrocarbons when burned compared to other sources of energy. 

Propane Furnaces and Tanks Last Longer Than Electric Systems

Propane furnaces and propane tanks have a much longer service life than components of other types of heating systems. For example, propane furnaces can last upwards of a decade longer than electric heat pumps, and propane tanks require almost zero maintenance and can last for upwards of 30 years. 

Propane is Produced in the USA

About 90% of all the propane consumed in the United States is produced in the United States, so while other forms of fuel may have already produced a ton of carbon emissions before they even arrive at your home, propane never needs to be transported far. This makes propane much greener than other sources of energy that need to be shipped in. 

Propane is a Plentiful By-Product of Other Fuel Refinement Processes

Propane is also a plentiful by-product of natural gas processing and crude oil refinement. These are both processes that have and will continue to happen regardless of whether propane is collected and used for energy or not, so we might as well continue to use propane as much as we possibly can. 

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MAZ Propane: We Make Filling Your Propane Tank Easy

Are you looking for a reliable propane service to fill your empty tank? Look no further than MAZ Propane. Our convenient propane delivery options, competitive pricing, and flexible payment plans make keeping your propane tank full as easy as setting up automatic delivery or picking up the phone and giving us a call. 

We can even install a tank-level sensor that keeps track of your propane supply so that whenever your propane tank gets down to approximately 25% full, our system will automatically schedule a new delivery that brings your propane right to your doorstep.  

So, if you live in southeastern PA and need to get your propane tank refilled, MAZ Propane is here to help. 

Professional Propane Tank Installation and Replacement

We don’t just do propane deliveries. We also help customers convert their homes to propane power by offering top-of-the-line propane tank installation and replacement services. 

Once you decide to make the switch, our team will help you choose an appropriately sized propane tank, depending on if you only plan to use your propane power to heat your home or if you’d like to use it for cooking and water heating as well. Then, we’ll schedule an installation date at your earliest convenience.   

No matter how big your home is or what propane-powered systems you’d like to get installed, MAZ Propane is the company you can trust to get the job done right every time. 

Contact MAZ Propane to Schedule Your Next Propane Delivery Today!

If you want to decrease your carbon footprint by switching to propane, give us a call. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have and can help you come up with a plan that effectively meets your home’s power needs. Then, once you’re ready, we’ll get your new propane delivered in no time at all. So call MAZ Propane and take your first step towards a greener world today!

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